Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Alderman Reilly Wants to Ban Segways from Lakefront Path

An old story we couldn't let pass...from the Tribune a couple of weeks ago:
The alderman who represents downtown today called for banning Segways from the lakefront path. 
The two-wheeled electric one-person vehicles that can be rented downtown are being targeted by Ald. Brendan Reilly, 42nd. 
The proposal calls for fines of $25 to $200 for violators. Police or other officials would be exempted from the ban.
Segways seem so silly to us (see link here).  If this passes, tourists are going to be upset.


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  2. They don't bother me; seems like the city is looking for another revenue stream. This could also put a large dent in a few tour companies business.

  3. there is such limited space on most of the lake path that I agree with this.
    No motorized vehicles should be permitted on the lake path...

    I wish we could limit the 4-person cycle carts, trikkes and rollerbladers as well.

  4. I think there should be more education regarding proper use of Segways and similar vehicles; if they are dangerous and troublesome to traditional path users. Perhaps some rules regarding speed, passing pedestrians, distance from pedestrians, etc. would be useful.

    However, an outright ban seems like extreme and unnecessary measure. Obviously, it would particularly damaging to business which, judging from the apparent need to regulate them, seem to be thriving and providing a well received service(at least by tourists). A ban seems like a lazy way of avoiding working on a solution.

  5. I can't see a reason to ban them. They don't look silly to me, they look like another way to experience Chicago.

  6. They should not be on Lakefront paths. The people who lead the tours are aggressive and rude. I hate having them whirr up behind me with bells ringing.

  7. Can't stand Segways, but the thought of more government regulation on business makes me nauseous. I realize I offered no value to the discussion, so Segway ON fatties!

  8. The segways seem fairly harmless. I've much more often been made to jump out of the path by a speeding cyclist. But maybe I'm just rationalizing because I don't want them to go away before I get a chance to try one :)

  9. Josh is right. Segway tour guides are obnoxious. The groups act like they own the lakefront and pedestrians are in their way. The rules described above are idealistic but would never be followed.


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