Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Testing Out New Comment Policy

First off, we want to pause and take a second to say thanks to everyone who has ever interacted with us in anyway.  We get a ton of emails, comments, pictures, videos, compliments and criticisms and it's truly amazing!  Without this support Sloopin wouldn't be what it thank you!

Second, here at Sloopin our intentions are simple.  We want to do the best we can to provide information we think people would find interesting about the South Loop.  With this we intend to cover a wide range of topics, but all specific to the South Loop in some capacity.  Beyond that we want our readers to help create a healthy discourse that can be beneficial to the neighborhood.

Through the years, sometimes this discussion has stayed true to this intention and sometimes it has not.  Recently there has been much consternation in regard to some of our comment threads.  With that said, we are going to be testing out a new policy on comments.

For the next week or so, we will be requiring people to either have a Google account or an OpenID account to comment on Sloopin.  The goal of this is to weed out some of the unnecessary comments while also trying to generate more accountability in the comment threads.

With that said, an OpenID account is pretty wide ranging and you probably have one whether or not you know it (for more information click here).

Thanks again to everyone for making Sloopin what it is and please continue to comment!

Sloopin Crew


  1. I'm a fan of this new policy. Thank you Sloopin'!

  2. it took a while but we were fianlly able to weed out the lazy, immature, idiotic comments thrown our way by the anons. But with much pleasure those idiots lost and those like myself who actually contribute to this blog come out victorious

  3. Great to hear, love it. Goodbye trolls.

  4. As usual, the only "lazy, immature and idiotic" comments, with absolutely zero content, in the past 3 or 4 blog entries have come from Steven and Brendan, not anons. I welcome this policy, and I hope it brings a a more mature discourse now that the above named people (among others) have less to complain about and must join the rest of us in adding actual content.

  5. The new comment policy is a nice change. It is pretty sad however certain people who had Blogger names are the individuals that speak of personal victory about a blog change. Ironic they call other people childish, lazy, immature etc. Dont know how much this is gonna help.

  6. Regardless of whether the comments now become more mature, at least it will now be possible to have a conversation as a community rather than contend with an army of shouting anonymous trolls.

  7. Sorry sloopin, had to be done! The idea that the open IDs are any less "anon" then the old style is laughable to me unless a poster is a genuine blogger AND they allow their blog to be seen in the comments link (you know to whom I speak). Love the blog though and always get a good chuckle from some of the commenter's narcissistic rants which typically have very little to do with the actual blog posting.

  8. Guess we will never fully rid ourselves of the anon trolls ( or Arfken).

    Sore losers be damned, great move sloopy...I know some of the actual contributors i.e myself, brendan, markchicago, Josh, etc will be able to pass ideas and comments along without alot of the mindless antics of some of these worthless anons dying for attention.

    once again, thanks !

  9. The only one dying for attention is Steven, you'd think you would stay on your own blog for that...

  10. For those of you who don't fully understand the benefits of the policy.

    Yes, we get it, everyone is Anon. However, requiring an ID provides Sloopy the opportunity to monitor/block consistently clownshoes posters. At least we know the poster took the time to create an account, which means they're a consistent visitor and not a drive-by troll.

  11. MarkChicago this concept is waaaay too lofty for some of our "beloved anons" to grasp ( as you can see by the silly attempts to override the system by signing up under the moniker anonymous)

    Just ignor it and soon we will be back to a nice peaceful INTELLIGENT blog about our community

  12. So I see a cop issuing tickets last night along Michigan ave at 15th. He said there was an event (soccer game) at Soldier Field. How is the average Joe supposed to know this? And what constitutes an event? The Prep Bowl? Why doesn't the city put up signs? Or did I not see them?


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