Thursday, May 3, 2012

Columbia's Manifest Hits the Sloop Tomorrow, May 4th

Columbia's annual Manifest festival hits the neighborhood tomorrow, May 4th.  If you're new to the Sloop or just haven't paid much attention to Columbia, here is a brief summary of the event:
On May 4, Columbia College Chicago celebrates the work of its more than 2,000 graduating students with its annual urban arts festival. From art exhibitions to readings, from original designs to singer showcases, the talent will spill out from Columbia’s South Loop Campus and onto the streets, with main stage performances from student bands creating the musical backdrop to the Manifest 2012 showcase.
If you're out and about on Friday you will probably notice the festival.  It's always entertaining and if you have some free time checkout one of the performances (schedules here).

Here is a video from last years:


  1. great, a bunch of hippie college kids running around and polluting the streets with their American Spirit smokes and PBR tall beers

  2. Relative to Anon 9:45AM--that works for me. Stopped by a couple of venues last year and thought they were very good. Hope the weather is better for them this year.

  3. i have experienced nothing but bad things each year from this Manifest

    Lots of underage drinking and even canibus

  4. Are you kidding me? Violence and drugs at COLUMBIA COLLEGE MANIFEST??

    the anons cease to amaze me...

  5. Mayberry R.F.D. here I come as soon as Del Webb lets me out.


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