Thursday, April 5, 2012

Put it On to open at 1319 S. Michigan Avenue and will Focus on Kids Clothes and Accessories

The retail news continues to trickle in this week. This time a reader sent us a quick note about a new store at 1319 S. Michigan Ave:
New store opening at 1319 S. Michigan Ave. Children's and kids clothes and accessories. Opens mid April.
The store is called "Put It On!" and will be selling women's clothing and accessories as well as infant through age 7 clothing, accessories, and toys/giftware.

We actually went by the space yesterday and took a couple quick photos and looks like racks have been installed on the walls (which seems to validate the email we received):
Doesn't look very kid friendly yet, but maybe the finishing touches will change that.

(Hat tip: AM!)


  1. Slightly confused- does it sell only children's clothing and accessories or does it also sell women's clothing? I'd be happy to see a new boutique around here. It will complement the new childrens place - Sprout? (not sure of the name) nicely. I wish they'd bring a francesca's collections around here, or a clothing store with a similar feel- yes I know there is one in water tower place but a new location in the south loop would be great! just throwing that out there..

  2. The store will sell both. Women's clothing and accessories, as well as children's clothes, toys, and accessories. Think of a one stop shop where you can pick up something for the ladies and the kids at the same time. Most of what you see is not sold anywhere in the area.

  3. Considering nothing is sold in this area . . .

  4. As a parent who is sick of shopping for kids stuff on the North side or at Target this is a welcome addition to the 'hood. I'm looking forward to visiting the store when it opens.

  5. has anybody heard about the new three peas going up at 17th and wabash???

  6. Just went to put it on and absolutely LOVED IT. The owner is very professional and nice, the store was very organized and they have wonderful costumer service. The price points were great too! If you are looking for cute clothes for you or your children this is the place to go.

  7. love the lady & kiddie clothes. this place rocks for us girls and mommies!


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