Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shots Around the Sloop: Luck of the Bears

A reader writes:

Love your website.

Wanted to send along a pic I took from my balcony at 1629 S Prairie last week after some rains came through. It foreshadowed a nice Bears win (Carolina panthers game)...

(Hat tip: GH!)


  1. Awesome photo.... they will need all the luck they can get this season.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. The Bad news Bears you meant I think they should continue loosing and go for the lottery they suck.

  3. The rainbows brought in good luck tonight vs those Vikes. Go Bears!

  4. This is just a shout out to Reggies owner and bartenders (Ashley) for taking care of us yesterday! Free Wifi + Bears win + great burgers + great weather! Looking forward to the new Green Line stop at Cermak which will be about 100 yards away.

  5. Thanks Anon 11:43am for reporting about the el stop. I hadn't heard the news.

  6. I just heard that Goodyear is building a new service center at 18th and Wabash (where Eco18 was planned). Firestone did a fantastic job with theirs and I believe GY will as well, but this was a wasted opportunity for 18th and Wabash.


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