Monday, March 21, 2011

Living Like an MVP in the Sloop

If you're a fan of the NBA, you probably know that Derrick Rose is a baller and that he is the favorite to become the youngest MVP in league history. The best thing about this is that he hails from Chicago and plays for his hometown Bulls.

If you've followed his story, you know he grew up playing basketball on some of Chicago's most notoriously dangerous streets. When he "made it" in the league there was some concern that some of the people he grew up with could bring him down. Luckily it appears that Derrick and his family have been able to prosper and successfully distance themselves from bad influences.

One of the ways we heard he did this was by moving to the suburbs. However, it came as a surprise when we read a recent post on the Chicago Now blog network about sports stars and where they live in Chicago:
Looking at some famous basketball players, Michael Jordan built an amazing house in suburbs, as did Scottie Pippen, close to the Berto Center, while Derrick Rose is currently downtown, closer to his United Center game site, living in a South Loop townhome.
This came as a surprise. Regardless it's always good to have an MVP in the helps the value of our real estate.

With a post about Derrick Rose, we're obligated to post a youtube video of his ridiculous dunk highlights:


  1. Hells yeah.... MVP, MVP!

  2. Carlos Quentin lives in a Townhouse on Indiana as well.

  3. Maybe I am just a stickler and a big fan of his (like all of us) but it's D-e-r-r-i-c-k. Also your site strangely does not connect when I type in "" instead of ""

  4. 1) Its spelled DERRICK

    2) Pretty sure he doesn't live in the South Loop. Every article I've ever read says he lives in the suburbs near the Bulls practice facility.

  5. yes i heard that d rose lives in deerfield in a 10 bedroom mansion. i hear several players live up there due to the practice facility. since the bulls never practice at the united center, it doesn't always feel like "home court" to them.

  6. Thoght about this issue previously as example of where if I where the city mayor, I would be more proactive in convincing Bears and Bulls to build practice facilities in the city, even if there is some TIF $$ use to fund portions or land aquisisition.
    It is just good business...

  7. Let me add to my idea above, the practice facilities could be used for multi-purpose sites for community as well.

  8. Those dunks are as ridiculous as the notion that D-Rose communtes from the south loop to Deerfield for work everyday. No way does this guy live in the south loop. However, considering people keep expanding the boarder of the south loop further and further north, maybe Deerfield is in the south loop.

  9. Who knows if this is true.

    We were surprised when we read this, since we heard he moved his family from the South Side to the burbs to get away from the distractions (however we heard this a couple of years ago).

    Regardless it isn't that ridiculous to think he may have a home in the burbs and in the city? He earns a healthy wage these days....

  10. It's called a stabbin cabin. Rich people generally have a place in the city and the burbs.


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