Saturday, March 12, 2011

Breakfast Spot Coming to 1400 S. Michigan?

This is our third straight post about the 1400 block of South Michigan and to be honest this might be the most exciting post yet (in our opinion). The west side of the block has a lot of good looking retail space built, but the question has remained, when will the businesses come?

Some readers recently noticed some construction inside the retail space at Michigan Avenue Tower II (which is the high-rise at the corner of 14th and Michigan). Anyone who has walked by this retail space has probably noticed the unfinished floors and dire scene inside. So it came as a pleasant surprise when we saw work being done inside this retail space. At the time no one knew what was going in, but after some digging we heard through the grapevine that it's going to be a "breakfast spot".

Honestly, when we peak inside it doesn't seem to look like a restaurant. It looks more like a dentist's office or maybe office space? It's early, so we will see.

Yolk and Bongo Room are solid and seem to do good business. Can another breakfast spot flourish?


  1. Yes! I love Bongo Room and Yolk, it's just that they are sometimes too crowded (a good thing) to get a seat (especially towing around 2 kids). I keep saying that we need another breakfast/lunch (a grease pit) place. I hope you're right!

  2. I don't think it has been mentioned, but The Scout may also be a breakfast place in the a.m. since the partner is the guy from Wildberry's (my favorite burbs' breakfast restaurant).

  3. I'd rather see some sort of full-time cafe. But anything is better than nothing.

  4. I live in the building and was told that this was going to be an electronics store.

    However, I was also told that the commercial spaces would be opeining up over two years ago when I moved in! Sooooo ...

    I would be trilled for ANY type of dining to go in. My vote is for an Einstien's Bagle Spot. Seems like we are the only hood in chicago without one!

  5. Try the Little Branch Cafe! My in-laws were in town and after 1.5 years of talking about going we finally did and wished we'd started sooner. Quick service and great food!

  6. i am all for more restaurants (more indie the better) in the south loop as i bought here about two years ago, but breakfast spots bore me. i don't go out to eat breakfast because i, as a terrible cook, can make bacon and eggs at home. i'd rather it be a coffeehouse.

  7. I'm surprised breakfast places can make enough money to substain a buiness. Packed for 5 or so hours on Saturday and Sunday and empty the rest of the week. But I guess when you charge $10+ for something that costs a buck or two to make and have a fast table turnover, that's pretty good profit

    I'd like to see a semi-fast food type place open. Something like Noodles or Five Guys.

  8. I would love a Chipotle or a real Mexican taqueria.

  9. I love those little breakfast or brunch places, for me its a yes & i think a lot of people will agree with me!


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