Saturday, October 9, 2010

Where o Where is My Cat?

A reader writes:
If any of your readers know someone who lost a black cat with a pink collar and bell, the poor thing's on Museum Campus and terrified as all hell. I tried catching it but would probably need a more concentrated effort to succeed (trap and food, or friends who can help me corral it). I've seen that same cat a week or two ago -- it looks young and I'm concerned it's not going to last long. I did report it to Chicago Animal Control, but maybe someone here knows what else to do?

If this does happen to be your cat, email me (or post a comment) and I'll tell you the exact location from tonight's sighting. If you want help catching it, I'm willing to give it a try.


  1. I've seen that cat all over museum campus for about two months now. I never can get close because of my dog but I've watched people get close and the cat runs off.

  2. We're trying to trap it this week, starting tonight. Fingers crossed!


  3. Anonymous, could you let me know where you've seen it? We're still trapping but might relocate if there's a better spot than where we are. Thanks!

  4. Anon, could you please let me know where you've seen it in relation to the underpasses? We have a spot where we're trapping, but maybe there's a better place. Thanks!

  5. Don't know if its the same cat, but the parks department actually has a "shop cat" that is allowed outside. Kills me to see it. It is a black cat with a pink collar. I've seen it multiple times over by the Grant Park dog park.


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