Sunday, October 31, 2010

Going Grocery Shopping at Dominick's on Roosevelt

The peeps at Dominick's recently reached out to us to look at a new coupon program they've recently launched called Just for U. For participating in the test, they gave us some gift cards (read at the bottom of the post to find out how you can get some). Ironically, one of our main Sloopin contributors loves coupons and enthusiastically agreed to test it out.

Anyway, here is a quick blurb they sent us about the program:
We have an exciting new promotion called Just for U that we are launching in Chicago and we want you to be among the first to try it out! Just for U enhances your Fresh Values Card rewards. It saves you additional money on products selected just for you based on your unique shopping history, allowing you to save on the items you want without having to sort through ads and clip paper coupons.
So with that in mind we embarked on a trip to their website (here) to try it out. Upon signing up we took a quick look around the site and sure enough our favorite things were discounted (which obviously was linked to our previous purchases on our Dominick's Fresh Values Card). We browsed, clicked on what we wanted, which in turn added the items to our card. Voila! We saved some dough. Pretty simple. We really don't have much more to say about the program.

Anyway, we live closer to Jewel on Wabash and Roosevelt, so that's usually our go to grocery store. However, it was fun to check out the Dominick's on Roosevelt and change up our grocery shopping routine. With that in mind, we thought we would provide some additional quick observations about differences (both positive and negative):
  • Parking was a breeze at Dominick's. It might feel a little more 'suburban' than the Jewel experience or even the Whole Foods across the street, but it's much easier to get parking at Dominick's.
  • The produce and meat area at Dominick's was pretty impressive. Not sure if it's that much better then Jewel, but we liked it!
  • The other traditional aisles at Dominick's seemed dingy, dark and older. They still had all the stuff we wanted, but it didn't seem as nice as Jewel in this section of the grocery store.
  • We bank with Chase and they have one, so that was convenient.
  • There was some drunk dude sleeping on a bench outside of the store, but hey you get that everywhere in the Sloop (and city for that matter).
  • Prices seemed comparable to Jewel, maybe a little cheaper, but pretty similar as far as we could tell.
So there you have it. Thanks to them for reaching out to us to give it a look. It's definitely an interesting concept and improvement on the coupon experience.

Finally, we do have some $25 gift cards left over. With that said, the first four people to buy a Sloopin t-shirt via eBay (link here) will get a $25 Dominick's gift card as well. What a deal! You buy a sweet Sloopin shirt for $21.90 and you get a $25 gift card...that means you come out on top (a positive $3.10).

(Hat Tip: Peeps at Dominick's)


  1. We moved to the Sloop in May and have been going to this Dominick's since.

    The Just for U program is pretty awesome. We're not into clipping coupons but it makes it really easy to use coupons and save $$. Last week we saved $75 on a $175 bill.

    Some thoughts on this location:
    Thumbs up for selection, cleanliness, customer service.

    The produce is good by city standards but the prepared foods part of the deli isn't. We've repeatedly tried the salads and its usually not cooked properly.

    But what's with the all of the buses that line up along Canal and the shady looking folks that congregate there?

  2. They are definitely marketing the heck out of this site. I like the idea, but the one time I tried to go to the site before going out to do my grocery shopping, the site didn't work. Hopefully they've gotten the kinks worked out of it.

    I prefer Dominick's to Jewel for my major shopping (outside of Trader Joe's) because I don't have to deal with narrow, crowded aisles and ladies asking me to buy their bread/milk/etc. for them.

  3. It has been some time since I've ventured in that Dominck's but if the savings are there I may revisit them for some groceries. We go to Jewel out of convenience right now but both grocery stores (not counting Whole Foods) leave a lot to be desired. Dominick's is dimly lit, the produce is OK at best and spoils quickly not to mention the place is dirty. I never understand why 1/2 of the freezer section is defrosted and the majority of the other coolers are dripping. The parking and in-store Starbucks are a huge plus over Jewel but that's about it. I usually head to Whole Foods, the newer W. Loop Jewel or Trader Joe's depending on what I need that week.

  4. Anything is better than the Jewel on Wabash! It's a rathole and the workers are the laziest and rudest around.

    If you have a car, I highly suggest heading to the west loop Jewel on Des Plaines. Much nicer store and far classier clientle.

  5. The new Jewel farther west of Dominick's on Roosevelt is very nice. A bit of a triop but wide aisles and good lighting with much more variety of products.

  6. For me, it all comes down to parking, personal space. The Jewel on Wabash is the worst experience for both.

    I have heard prices at Dominick's are slightly higher than Jewel, but I suppose it depends on the item and deals. Looks like a few of you have determined otherwise, which is good to hear.

  7. The buses are there because it's a nice long not very busy road that they can park on while they wait to pick their riders back up after dropping them off in the city for whatever they're there for. Think back to when you were a school kid and you got to go into the city to the museum or something like that. Your bus driver had to go somewhere while you were at the museum, and this is one of the places they go to sit and wait out the time.

    The "shady looking folks" are, from what I've seen, waiting to be picked up for day work. I'd imagine most come from the Pacific Garden Mission.

  8. I prefer Jewel over Dominick's BUT WILL NOT patronize the Roosevelt/Wabash store ever again . . . I now drive over to the new Jewel at 370 S Desplaines. Much nicer facility, better selection and I don't have to worry about maybe getting "shanked" by any of the employees.

  9. Jewel on Des Plaines (just north of Lake street) in the west loop is great. Very nice store, ample parking, and doesn't have that "ghetto" feeling that permeates at the Jewel on Wabash and Roosevelt.

  10. Did you guys know WHOLE FOODS takes the link card on Roosovelt. Living in the "lap of luxury"!!! I guess the middle class will need to start shopping at Aldi's...hahah

  11. Why wouldn't any Whole Foods store accept the Link card?

  12. I am a fan of the Jewel on Wabash and Roosevelt because of the speed at which I can get in and out, However, my gf hates it because the aisles are tight and it is a little dirty looking for some reason.

    I stopped shopping at all Dominick's because their check outs are the slowest on earth. Whether I am the only one in the store or it is jammed. The have one speed...slower.

    Dominicks is generally cleaner looking.

  13. Completely agree with the comments re: Jewel on Roosevelt and Wabash. It's not good. The west loop Jewel on Des Plaines is fantastic! Try it. Trust me, you won't shop a Jewel on Wabash ever again.

  14. Based on the recommendations of fellow sloopers on this thread, I tried the Jewel on Des Plaines in the west loop today for my weekly grocery run. Wow. So glad that I did. Everyone, from the store employees to my felloe shoppers, made this a great experience. And the parking lot was perfect! This is what a grocery store should be. It bothered me when I first read posts from my neighbors urging others to leave the south loop and shop in the west loop. However, I'm glad that I did. What a wonderful experience.

  15. Sat in the Dominick's checkout line for 30 minutes on Sunday, wasn't even busy. (during Bears game)

    What happened to having designated baggers?

  16. Designated baggers... Long gone. I do it myself. More should do the same. Most of the time you're just standing there not doing anything anyway.

  17. Regarding Dominick's lack of baggers . . . it's called "cutbacks".

    Don't like it? Complain to corporate and/or take your business elsewhere.

  18. @ 9:08pm Anon:

    Break time is over, aisle 9 needs more Cap'n Crunch.

  19. Shopped at the West Loop Jewel last evening after work. It was a far better experience than my typical Friday night stop at the Wabash Jewel. First thing you notice right away: the quality of the customers. It's not jammed with people who look like they are about to reach into your purse. I can definitely tell that the Red Line, Green Line, and #12 bus do NOT stop right at that Jewel.

  20. Good point. Sad, but true.


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