Friday, April 30, 2010

Welcome to the Sloop Sox Star Carlos Quentin

We, like most in the world, are intriqued by celebrity. So we've done a couple posts asking people if they know of any athletes, actors or politicians that live in the Sloop (click here). We recently read that Chicago White Sox slugger, Carlos Quentin just bought a large town home in the Sloop:

Chicago White Sox outfielder Carlos Quentin has paid $650,000 for an eight-room, 2,807-square-foot town home in the South Loop.

Quentin's new unit most recently had been listed for $719,900 and originally came on the market last year for $729,900. The deal closed March 31.


  1. Congrats Carlos! I'm guessing he is somewhere near Museum Park or maybe Prairie District. I'll look for him at La Cantina!

  2. I met Carlos at the South Loop Jewel a couple years ago (the year he was an all-star) so I'm pretty sure he has been a south looper for a good while. Now we just need Carlos to start hitting again before he is forced to spend time elsewhere.

  3. Like anyone knows who he is. hahaha If it was Derrick Lee, then people might give a hoot. I am a sox fan and I would say less than 5 percent of the city even knows who Quentin is.

  4. Youre not a Sox fan. go away

  5. Jon Garland used to live at the Bicycle Lofts @ Indiana and 16th. Not sure if he kept his condo after being traded away from the Sox. Also saw him once at the Jewel (and I actually also saw Jose Valentine once at the Jewel, though I'm not sure if he ever actually lived in our neighborhood, or just happened to have been shopping there after a game...)

  6. "I am a sox fan and I would say less than 5 percent of the city even knows who Quentin is."

    I would say with 100% certainty that you are way off.


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