Saturday, April 3, 2010

Printers Row Church of Scientology Plans to Open This Year?

An article about the Church of Scientology's building boom with many references to the Printers Row location that is supposed to be opening by the end of the year:

The windows are boarded-up and there's a "Keep Out" sign in the windowsill. Many in the Printer's Row neighborhood are unaware that the vacant brick building is slated to become Illinois' new welcome center for the Church of Scientology at the end of the year. The $4-million purchase of the seven-story structure is part of a nationwide push by Scientologists to open a host of new church buildings and draw new members into the faith.

So what will be at the Printers Row location?

Scientologists say the Chicago building will focus on community outreach. Plans include a lobby open to the public that will host educational materials and displays on Hubbard, his religious philosophies and prolific writings; a large chapel will be able to convert into a space for community gatherings.
For more background on the Church of Scientology and our coverage of the building click here.


  1. I would leave a disparaging comment about this, but am too scared the evil Scientology folks would hunt me down and kill me.

  2. Cool! I always wanted a science fiction store in the South Loop! Oh wait... It's a religion? Seriously?

  3. Their leader's name is David Miscavige?! Well, it's not as ironic as Juan Trippe being the name of Pan-Am's founder, but it's pretty good.

  4. Maybe they'll invite John Travolta and Tom Cruise for the opening ceremony!

  5. Makes no difference to me, as long as their spaceships don't shine lights into my windows when they land on the roof.

  6. Space clams, zombie carpenters, flying spaghetti monsters . . . what the hell is the difference?


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