Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cutting Kids Hair at Kutting Edge Kidz

A reader writes:
A new kids themed haircut place is opening at Archer and State...taking the place of the coffee shop.
Based on this everyblock page, it looks like this is legit! Good luck to them.

(Hat Tip: JP!)


  1. We love this new kids hair salon in the South Loop. Fun chairs including an airplane, car, Thomas the Train and even Barbie's Mustang as well as cartoons etc while the kids get their hair cut. Great play area for the kids while they wait and a relaxing area for the parents. And free parking too - these guys have thought of everything. A great addition to the neighborhood. Good luck to them!

  2. My kids loved it. They didn't want to leave. The shop had lot of toys and games to keep the kids busy. I'm going back!

  3. I took my little one there , after hearing it is a nice place. And you know gosh she got herself infected with head lice. Awwwwful is their hygiene standards. My little one is just 20 months. Since she came from hair cut, she started scratching her head badly, i never could imagine she could have head lice, ( she stays at home, no siblings, no contact with other kids)
    When i called them to complain, they just said ohhhhhhhhh we are sorry and on top of that selling me their organic Anti Lice shampoo for 24 $. Their 15$ haircut cost my daughter so much agony and pain.

  4. We've taken our son to Kutting Edge Kidz on several occasions and in our experience, hygiene has never been a problem - in fact it seems to be a focus of theirs. This is a fun, kid friendly and much needed addition to the neighborhood.

  5. They massacred my 2 yr old daughers hair - what little hair she has, that is. I am extremely disapointed and the woman never even smiled at my daughter when cutting her hair. She just kept telling her to look at Dora. It will take MONTHS for her hair to grow back and the woman insisted on leaving some hair long and unruly, while cutting her beautiful back of the head curly hair to pieces. Great concept. Horrible customer service and if you go, be sure they follow YOUR instructions and be careful they don't turn your girl into a boy.


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