Friday, September 25, 2009

NBC Comes to Winestyles Thursday Shindig

NBC's local website has a segment called 'About Last Night' where they go to various places and events happening around town. Last night they came to sloop and hit up Wine Styles (1240 S. Michigan). By the looks of it they had a good time:
We've seen parties at Wine Styles (1240 S. Michigan Ave) where the beats from the live band were so intense that folks were getting down on the sidewalk. Thursday night's event was a more low-key affair, with a guitarist/vocalist creating a smoothed-out scene, but this small boutique wine store doesn't seem to have any problems packing them in. Every Thursday is "Try Before You Buy," an opportunity to sip from five different bottles. Manager/sommelier doesn't let you know what you're getting into before you sip, in order to dispel any pre-conceived notions you may have. Such as there's nothing fun to do in the South Loop on a Thursday night before 9 p.m.
They also have a video of the night. The Wine Styles segment starts at 1:25:

(Video from NBC)

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