Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What's that Big Building on Roosevelt?

If you drive down Roosevelt you can’t help but notice a massive construction project just west of Target (between Clark and the river). What is it? It is the Roosevelt Collection which is a massive mixed use retail/restaurant/condo/movie/gym/everything complex that is being developed.

I have mixed feelings on the project mostly because I don’t like big box commercialization of neighborhoods. However, I bet it will be convenient and I bet I will go there a lot. I’m still hoping that they have some local stores and shops that are unique to Chicago and unique to the South Loop. We’ll have to wait and see.

Anyway here is some picture of the project (front left with the court yard), looks nice but then again any picture with the Sears Tower looks nice to me:

Your thoughts?

Is this good, bad or both for the South Loop?


  1. I really hope this project is fully developed, that land has been slated for development for years now.

  2. Just a follow up, I just called the sales office for a brochure and apparently construction is still very much under way and ahead of schedule. They have signed several commercial tenants as well, like H&M, bed bath and beyonds, and some other fairly large chains.. Either way I'm glad to hear the project is moving forward.


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